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  • Warmly welcome the visit of Maldives customers
    On April 4, 2018, Maldivian clients came to our company for a three-day visit. High-quality products and caring services, strong company strength, excellent reputation, and good prospects for the development of the industry are important reasons to attract them this time. Mr. Liu, our technical con
  • Release the potential of yacht industry
    "Guangdong Coastal Tourism Development Plan (2011-2020)" specifies that Guangdong should vigorously develop yacht tourism and form a marina yacht tourism gold coastal zone that is supported by 9 yacht clubs in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai as the core. We'll built four yacht bases in Guangzhou Nans
  • Activity Theme: “God rewards the diligent,we need forge ahead” Horizon 2021 journey of Braving the Wind and Wavas.
    In order to enhance the trust of Horizon’s employees to the team and others, to cultivate the spirit of team cooperation, and to release pressure, Horizon hold this team
  • The 26th Dubai International Boat Show 2018
    Dubai International Boat Show is the largest leisure voyage professional exhibition in the Middle East.The 26th exhibition was opened on Feb 27th ,2018 in the Dubai International Maritime club on the coast of Jumeira. It attracted more than 750 companies around the world of yachts, marine equipment
  • The advantages of concrete floating pontoon
    There are three main advantages of concrete floating pontoon:1. High structural strengthThe whole structure is made of reinforced concrete and the core is filled with high-density polystyrene foam.
  • Yachting tourism is booming millions of tourists go out to sea in a year
    During the Spring Festival, more than 700 yachts go out to sea every day from marinas in the city of Sanya, where tourists can enjoy sea views or experience special sea rides such as fishing, wave surfing,etc.Visun Royal Yacht Club Marina was built by Shenzhen Horizon Marina Company in 2018.Sanya ac
  • Clasifications of floating dock service pedestal
    According to your requirements, One service pedestal can provide water and electricity devices used by two yachts, and it’s equipped with sockets, electricity meters, miniature circuit breakers, lighting, photoelectric sensor switch, faucets, etc., which can be used and managed by intelligent code s
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