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Solar Power Floating Platform

Product Description
  • Modularity: Floating solar structure is modular. Components are pipes and beam of galvanized steel and can be easily assembled in a very short time. PV modules are installed and connected working on the land. Flexibility: the structure can be modified in order to implement cooling systems, and tracking.
  • Several elements contribute to the safety of the structure: Walkability which allows operators to move safely on the platform for maintenance or control problems and which is very good due to the large buoyancy of our raft project. Simplicity of launching: The raft can be assembled on a slide and slipped by thrust into water. Solution with gable for improoving packing density. This solution is particularly interesting for low latitudes (below 25°) since in this case the very  small loss in energy harvesting is largely compensated by the lower cost and compactness of the system.

  • Standard onshore mooring :The mooring of a floating PV plant changes if the plant is fixed or with tracking and furthermore it depends on the location morphology. A   detailed project requests the knowledge of several aspects of the basin. Normally the bottom of the basin is muddy. In this case we need a few   mooring sinkers and the total cost is about 2-3% of the full plant cost.

Product Characteristics

Floating Body
water tightness
25 years designed life time
Antifatigue,wave resistance
Antiseep,hydrolysis resistence
Environment friendly material
Strong bearing capacity, stab resistance

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