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Anchor System

Based on storm-proven technology in the design of pontoons and connectors, all installations need to be customized to suit currents, tides, wave exposure and a number of other site-specific conditions.


Material: 6061 T6 aluminum alloy

Roller: PA silder

Welding: MIG Welding

Width: 250mm*250mm

length: 1m---12m length can be customized

Application: Aluminum, concrete, floating dock


It is the most commonly used fixing method for floating docks. It is usually divided into steel pipe piles and PHC piles. It is equipped with a pile holder with a pulley, which can stably fix the displacement of the pontoon bridge and automatically adjust the lifting and lowering of the dock when the water level changes.

Articulated Strut

The floating dock can connect to shore and conecting rod through movable articulated equipment. It can adapt to different water level changes and usually used in private yachts or small port projects.

Anchor Chain

Anchor chain fixation is the most common type of anchorage. The  floating bridge connects the seabed and the floating dock through anchor chains and the concrete anchor blocks that have been selected at suitable locations. The weight and size of concrete Anchorage blocks need to meet the requirements of the specific environment. This fixed method is suitable for waters with large change of water level.


The pontoon is anchored by the rubber fiber elastic cable and the concrete under the sea bed. The sealex device is very strong and stable, so that the floating bridge always maintains the same horizontal position and the height of the freeboard in the tide change, and can adjust the buoyancy within the range of 70%.

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